Who is Anthony Newley?

Anthony George Newley was a multi talented singer-songwriter-actor-director and all round entertainer
who was born in Hackney September 24th 1931. He sadly left us on April 14th, 1999... far too soon.

Tony got his first acting break by chance at the age of 14. His early entries into the film world being in the cinema serial 'The Adventures of Dusty Bates' and 'The Little Ballarina' before the big really big break, when he was cast to star as the first Artful Dodger in David Lean's Oliver Twist. Moving on to the late fifties and early sixties saw Newley in films such as 'Idol On Parade' which led him on a different path. He became a pop star and this in turn, led him to a career in music and theatre. Partnered with Leslie Bricusse their first massive hit was a new musical 'Stop the World - I Want to Get Off!' which gave Tony an international name and one of the first British stars to conquer the USA.

Tony also pioneered in television.
His 'Strange World of Gurney Slade'
(a favourite among Newleyphiles worldwide) was a show devised by Newley, that was just a little too off the wall to get the appreciation it deserved at that time. Released in 2011 on DVD it found a wider and more accepting audience and today is looked at as pre-Python and very much cult! Throughout his career he realised the importance of "the box" and appeared whenever he could. In the seventies he held the title of the most featured guest on the renowned 'Tonight Show' and wrote again with Bricusse for Danny Kaye in the television adaptation of 'Peter Pan.'







That unbeatable partnership with Mr Bricusse continued with the musicals 'Roar Of The Greasepaint The Smell Of The Crowd and 'The Good Old Bad Old Days' for the theatre.

You see the list goes on and on and on.... we could tell you about 'Doctor Doolittle' and 'Willy Wonka' and 'Sweet November', but you see you can read about Anthony Newley the star, the relationships and more with the wonder of the Internet!


Anthony Newley 'the man' was a passionate, adventurous, generous person whose company was always welcome. He hugged you as if you were in a rugby tackle, and some of his jokes well not always conventional! He was kind, spiritual, spontaneous, funny, and a genius the world will never see again. He also suffered black periods of depression and despair when the creative juices wasn't going the way he wanted them to. He was worried the world would forget him and wanted to be remembered for his music.


The Anthony Newley Appreciation Society is run by Paul Goodhead and with a growing band of staunch and loyal members of ALL age groups. It is encouraging that people are rediscovering the talents of Anthony Newley all over again.


He will never be forgotten as long as there is his music, films and the endless songs - many which are "evergreen" standards today.


So join us in the celebration of all things Tony. His physical presence may no longer be with us but there is still much more Newley to come!